The True Start was the Aftermath of War

This forum exists to host the roleplays and other creative collaborations between those deemed worthy to be invited. Those outsiders who wish to be considered, try.

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The Concept of this Forum

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1 The Concept of this Forum on Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:11 am


This is the Palace of Brilliant Thoughts!
The Citadel of Creative Development!
The Spire of Idea Fleshing!

ok... well...

Yes, that last one sounds really weird.

To put it simply, this is where those who wish to work together to develop a world or concept can get together and hammer out the details without muddling the presentation of the actual topic that they're working on. This is where the backstage plotting of roleplays is to happen, the planning of relationships and treachery, the debating of national borders and the names of typically unimportant hamlets that just happen to be of utmost importance to whosoever you please.

Thus, while snippets of IC conversation may be permitted to further development and the maturation of character dialogue, all must remember that this is not the stage. Save the performance for the audience.

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